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Nine in 10 marketers (92%) use the Facebook social network as a marketing tool, according to a new survey from SocialMedia Examiner. Data from “2011 Social Media Marketing Report” indicates Facebook is the most popular social network among marketers by a wide margin.

Facebook is better known for finding old friends, playing games and connecting with people you know. There’s another angle to Facebook though. Facebook can also be used to promote yourself whether you have a small business that you want to promote. Moreover the cost to create a Facebook profile for your hobby or organization is free. Facebook also offers the option to create an ad, for a small fee, that will be displayed on the social network. This will help promote you even more and appear as a good reason to use for business.


You have to have a personal Facebook profile first. Facebook is a place for people, so if you want to promote your hobby or organization, your professional Facebook profile will have to be connected to your personal Facebook profile.

This profile is different than creating a Facebook group. A Facebook group does not have a news feed on the page that you can add messages and comments to.

Facebook for Professional

Creating your professional Facebook profile is easy, just log into Facebook and go to Facebook’s create a page tool. Then decide which category your hobby or organization fits into and follow the directions to create your Facebook profile. Make sure you send the link to all your friends, fans and clients so they can all come to your Facebook profile and sign up. Then whenever you add a message to your Facebook profile page, they will all see your message from their Facebook page.

If you have a website for your hobby or organization, make sure to add links to your hobby or organization website to the messages that you add on your profile. This way people will come to your organization’s website to learn more about it.


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