Google+ is Google’s Social Network with Group Video Chat, Mobile Messaging, and Easy Sharing.

Google+ isn’t so much a social network, as we’re used to the term, but a collection of services that have social aspects to them. You have a group of friends, but its more designed for small groups of your real-life friends rather than a giant friends list, with whom you share everything all the time. Instead, it helps you discover content, share it with the friends you think would like it, and communicating with them on an individual or small group basis.


You have a profile that’s all about you, you can share thoughts, links and photos, and view a feed of the things your friends have shared. In practice, though, it’s aimed at smaller groups of people, with a feature set that reflects that.


In life, we do not share anything with anyone. On the Web, say the right thing for the right person should not be a puzzle. Share what you want with who you want should not be an ordeal. The circles allow you to consolidate your high school friends in a circle, your parents in another and your boss in a circle of its own, like in real life.


Do you remember the newspaper articles that your grandfather cut with love for you to send? Those were the good old days. It’s like why the walk Clicks: these are articles and videos that are likely to please you, ready to be read, seen and shared the next time you have a moment! Even Papi will love.


It’s always nice to stumble upon a friend at a street corner. With Bubbles, impromptu meetings are possible on the Web. Tell your friends that you are available and find out who will head in HD. It is not yet entirely of teleportation (we’re working on), but still very cool!

Google+ is currently limited to a small number of users, while Google is conducting a “field trial.”

You may not be able to test Google+ yet, but don’t worry, it will soon be coming to an iOS operating system near you.

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