The term “host” is used in several contexts, in each of which it has a slightly different meaning:

  1. In Internet protocol specifications, the term “host” means any computer that has full two-way access to other computers on the Internet.
  2. For companies or individuals with a Web site, a host is a computer with a Web server that serves the pages for one or more Web sites. A host can also be the company that provides that service, which is known as hosting.
“Why Do I Need Web Hosting?”

Well, you don’t, unless you would like to have a website on the internet. Everyone that has a website needs web hosting. A web hosting company makes it possible for your site to be accessed by everyone else. You can make the best website anyone’s ever seen sitting at your own computer but unless you upload that website to a hosting server it will never be accessible to everyone else.

The following are a few reasons you should consider hosting your IT :

Hosting helps you be efficient with your cash
  • Removes the need for big capital outlays on hardware and data centers
  • Frees up your funds for primary business expenses
  • Offers affordable and predictable monthly costs
  • Lets you pay as you grow rather than over—purchase capacity upfront
  • Delivers a faster return on your investment
Hosting helps you extend your resources
  • Reduces your labor costs
  • Provides you with access to a deeper pool of experts
  • Concentrates your people on core business needs
  • Supplies staff instantly for the “what if” scenario
  • Lets you take advantage of latest technologies without hiring the expertise
Hosting limits your business risk
  • Keeps capital on hand for “rainy days”
  • Allows you to quickly and efficiently change plans
  • Guarantees you stay online
  • Implements your solution quickly
  • Places your focus back on growing your business
  • Gives you latitude to pursue new revenue-generating ventures


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