Plaxo is an online social network aimed at businesses, like most social portals it allows you to easily connect with people in your offline world. It has a resemblance to LinkedIn and operates in a similar way. You can import your address books and then request to connect to the list of contacts.

Plaxo can help you to manage especially your business card online, and your calendars by organising appointments in an easy to use way. It also allows you to link together many of your other social networking accounts. It is best know for automatically updating contact information and allowing you to upload contact information from a wide variety of address books.

It can be recommended to any person who are trying their best to manage their online contact information efficiently but are not finding their way out.

Moreover, Plaxo can help you to conduct polls to gain feedback on a particular topic from your contacts, it also has the ability to help you schedule e-cards to your connections to remind you of birthdays and important dates, helping you to stay connected with your existing customers.

All in all Plaxo is worth investigating; it isn’t as popular as some of the other social media sites but is seeing wide-spread use particularly in the business world.

As a consequence, Plaxo offers a commendable online networking platform which has the following :

  • Auto-updated contact information.
  • Compatible with over 30 other social networking applications.
  • Different pricing plans to suit different needs.
  • Address book can be accessed from any location.
  • Available in several languages to facilitate specific needs of users.