On 28th of June 2011, Google rolled out a new web service titled “What Do You Love” (or WDYL) which allows users to view search results from a variety of Google’s web services including images, blog search, maps and other things which you can think of. It will also allow you to create content to send to others such email someone through Gmail, call someone with Google Voice, plan events via calendar….etc

This is a new search page in which Google has combined all the results form the majority of its services like YouTube, Product Search and Translate.

The users to “What do you Love?” are greeted with a search box similar to the Google search engine with a Blue search button bearing a heart on it, which is cool.

What is interesting for you is that whenever you type anything to search for or any phrase you wish to, results are generated simultaneously from across Google’s various services which includes Trends, YouTube, Translate, Sketch Up, Picasa,Voice, Image Search and many others creating a mash-up of results on just a single page.

Here, you can have a peview of a search with “Pretty Good Plan”:

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