With our strategic partners Aptira and Equinix’s world class data centres, Pretty Good Plan host and manage a wide variety of services for a variety of customers in Australia.

Equinix Announces Third Sydney Data Center (June 28th, 2010) : “The $65 million first phase of the SY3 IBX data center will add 1,000 cabinets and is targeted for opening during the second quarter of 2011, the company said.”

Our partners design, build and maintain core services for systems infrastructure of all scales and work intimately with Microsoft, Linux, VMWare and other operating systems, a very wide range of applications both commercial and open source, and they work across nearly all makes of server and storage hardware.

Aptira revels in relentlessly re-engineering and stripping away layers providing ultra-lean environments for Pretty Good Plan applications to function at utmost efficiency, saving us headaches and more importantly saving you money.

Data Center

Pretty Good Plan hosted services are housed in a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art Data Centre. Equinix Data Centre is of a Tier-1 standard and is designed to achieve maximum uptime, stability and redundancy, and features the following specifications:

- Climate Control
– Raised flooring with N+1 redundant air conditioning
– UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in N+1 redundant configuration
– Backup Diesel Generators in N+1 redundant configuration
– VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) and Gas Suppression
– Biometric access, video surveillance & 24/7 Security Guards  Physical Security

The hosting environment is protected in a fully integrated building management system. Strict access protocols, 24 hour security guards, CCTV and biometric hand readers protect the data centre from unauthorised access. The environment is located in a locked rack within the data centre and is only accessible to the authorised personnel of Pretty Good Plan.

Power reliability

The Hosted Facility provides Pretty Good Plan with redundant power to its network.  This is both diesel generator backup and alternate power grid access. Pretty Good Plan has remote access to remote power monitoring and management, including restarts, for after hours and remote management. Pretty Good Plan’s critical devices are supplied by dual independent power feed circuits.


Pretty Good Plan’s network is built to ensure maximum network connectivity and uptime. Pretty Good Plan does this by selecting multiple high quality data providers who themselves have multiple fail-over connections between each state of Australia and Overseas.

Hardware Maintenance

Pretty Good Plan pro-actively monitors the operation of components of the service and initiates parts replacement when potentially failing components are identified. Any necessary downtime to replace components will be scheduled by agreement with all parties.

Level of Services

This is an extract of our standard contract.

Pretty Good Plan will endeavour to respond to and resolve incidents in accordance with the appropriate category assigned to it:

Critical: total or major failure of the Service impacting on a large number of Users or having a critical impact on Client’s business; and a workaround is not available.
Response within 60 Service Minutes;
Resolve within 8 Service Hours;

Severe: partial failure of the Services impacting on multiple Users, or the impact is significant to Client’s business; or an issue which reasonably has potential to be a priority 1 issue if not resolved within the periods allocated to priority 2 issues; or A service component in a production environment is severely restricted in its designed use causing significant business impact.
Response within 90 Service Minutes;
Resolve within 16 Service Hours;

Moderate: impact is moderate and affects a small number (less than 10% of the total number of users) or proportion of Users; or a non-critical Product Offering component is malfunctioning, causing minimal business impact; or any significant product Offering component is malfunctioning in a test environment.
Response within 16 Service Hours;
Resolve by the end of next Business Day;

Minimal: no impact to the User and work-around is available; or a non-critical, non-sever & non-moderate Product offering component is malfunctioning, causing minimal business impact; or general inquiry or request for general information.
Response within 16 Business Hours;
Resolve within 3 Business Days;

Service request: all requests in relation to issues falling outside the scope of the Services will be given this priority;
Includes requests in relation to new projects, potential Devices or Software, or new Users.
Propose a response within End of next business day.
Resolve within 5 Business Days.

General Management Services

In addition to services outlined below, Pretty Good Plan will monitor and optimise the performance and connectivity of the network of and hosted infrastructure to ensure all Devices are able to communicate efficiently. Pretty Good Plan will undertake monitoring and maintenance of the hosted infrastructure for predetermined threshold levels including;
– monitor the performance of the network traffic
– monitor the performance of servers and other hosted infrastructure
– where applicable, and with the assistance of Client trained staff, configure monitoring for Client applications;
– set monitoring thresholds based on changing environmental requirements; and
– attempt to troubleshoot and fix any errors found or bottlenecks identified.

Security Services

Pretty Good Plan will supply but is not limited to, the following Services in respect of network security:
– Configure routers, firewalls, and their rules governing access to reinforce the security of the Client hosted infrastructure environment in accordance with Clients instructions;
– review logs and address any errors as applicable
– Intrusion detection and prevention including without limitation, Denial of Service (DOS) protection; and
– Address any attack alerts and notify the appropriate persons.

Anti-Virus and Malware Services

Pretty Good Plan will maintain and monitor electronic virus and malware protection information on all applicable Hosted Devices and take appropriate steps in response to any detected virus or malware. Subject to Pretty Good Plan’s reasonable compliance with the foregoing, Pretty Good Plan is not liable for any damage caused or rectification required as a result of a virus or malware.

Backup Services

Pretty Good Plan performs a backup routine designed to support emergency restorations only. Backup Services should not be relied on as a customer file storage facility.