It is estimated that over 85% of online shoppers are directed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So next time a customer searches for your product in a search engine, what will they find? Your website or your competitors?

“Search Engine Optimization goes way beyond placing meta tags on websites and acquiring a bunch of links.”

SEO Analysis & Strategic Planning

When implementing SEO for our clients, there are several steps we take to assess our client websites, industries, market opportunities, geographical location(s), demographic data, and the list goes. These variables are considered prior to launching the SEO campaign.

Once we have a deeper understanding of these pertinent data points, we develop the SEO plan which includes the following:

  • Site Architectural Design and Layout Analysis
  • Keyword Density and Content Flow Recommendations
  • CMS and Content-Driven Portals Assessment
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 1-to-1 Keyword Targeting
  • Meta Data Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building Plan
  • Social Media Strategy
  • And much more!

Our sophisticated SEO methodologies have proven to work time and time again, but we never rest, knowing that the search engine algorithms can change at any given moment.

SEO Analytics & ROI

Our analytics capabilities help us to go beyond basic keyword targeting; we identify which keywords are generating the best leads and sales conversions, and incorporate them into the SEO campaign. Through the use of this data, we are able to increase our clients’ monthly revenues and lead flow.

SEO & Social Media

Business executives and decision makers are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of SEO. The search engine landscape is getting more competitive as marketers get savvier.

In order to rise above the competition, Pretty Good Plan engages aggressive social media tactics to acquire quality links, bookmarks, and content distribution, which helps to boost search engine rankings.

Search engines are beginning to rely more on consumer opinion and choices, which makes social media marketing even more vital to SEO.