We specialize in helping businesses discuss, design, execute and manage various social media marketing efforts

“Social Media Marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful forms of Internet marketing; designed to increase brand awareness, visibility and to inherently sell products and services over the Web.”

Social Media includes strategically placing your product or brand in front of millions of web users that religiously participate in social networking. Regardless of your target market, Social Media is a powerful platform to create and spread buzz about your business. In addition to generating buzz, it can help you build quality inbound links, increase web traffic and give you more control over your brand image and corporate reputation.

Most social networks and online communities have resistance towards direct selling techniques, and can be a difficult ‘marketspace’ to tap into if you don’t have the right approach or strategy (one that combines creativity, personalization and tact). The frustrations that businesses experience when trying to get their head around the evolving world of Web 2.0 is exactly what inspired Pretty Good Plan to launch a full-service social media department.